Classic Punto Banco

Min. bet: € 40  / max. bet: € 5,000

Privé of gaming tables: min. bet: € 100  / max. bet: € 5,000 

If you have already played  Punto Banco, then Classic Punto Banco is the perfect challenge for you. While with  Punto Banco the dealer draws the cards and you can consider your next move, with Classic Punto Banco it is the player who draws the cards and not the dealer. And with Classic Punto Banco, unlike with  Punto Banco, the cards are face down.

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The rules are basically the same as for Punto Banco.

A few things you should know when playing Classic Punto Banco:

• The bets are multiples of the table minimum. 

• In the Classic version the cards are face down (in the Punto Banco they are face up). 

• You can also bet on egalité, which means a tie (pays 8 to 1). Place the chips where it says Tie Pays 8 to 1 or Ties 8 to 1. 

• The player with the highest bet on punto receives the cards for punto and eventually draws the 3rd card (according to the rules listed under Punto Banco). 

Crossed cards or a “NO” statement means they will not draw the 3rd card, whereas parallel cards mean the opposite. When the two-card total on punto is 5, they must draw.

Anyway our suggestion is to start with Punto Banco and then try Classic, as in the first version the croupier draws the cards in your stead according to the rules.