Super Punto Banco

Min. bet: 200 € / max. bet: 5.000 € (exceptionally 10.000 €)

Banco cards in your hands!

BANCO cards are given to the player with the highest bet on BANCO. If two players have equal bets, the cards are given to the first player on the dealers’ left. If the player does not want the cards, these are offered to the next player with the second highest bet. If no player wants the cards, the dealer turns the cards.
When there are no bets on PUNTO or BANCO, the dealer turns the cards.
The player facing the cards on BANCO must observe the rules on card drawing applicable in Hit's casinos.

In case of play on both bets, PUNTO and BANCO, the cards are first dealt to the player betting on PUNTO. The player betting on BANCO is given the cards only after the PUNTO bet cards have been drawn. After this draw, the player reveals his cards. If the player wishes, he can also hide his cards. However, the cards must be left with the dealer.