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acrobatic show

12 January // 9.30 pm & 11.30 pm
13 January // 11.30 pm & 00.30
14 January // 6.30 pm & 9.30 pm

Crazy Dream Circus is a project born from the union between two friends united by the same passion but with a different background.


Larry Rossante, director of the "Circo di Mosca" in Italy, and Davide Demasi, busker, street artist who later became a fully-fledged circus performer. The passion for the traveling show and the history of the circus represent the basis for this new adventure. A yellow and blue tent, not too large, in order to maintain the family spirit which is so typical of circuses of the past, and a “company of artists” that come from all over the world represent the strength of the Crazy Dream Circus. The show delivers the same spirit even on stage.

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