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Tribute to Rolling Stones

music show

28 Jan // 7.30 pm

The band has been established quite spontaneously a while ago.

The members who got together especially for a one-time event under the name of “Like the Rolling Stones” are united by love for the music from the 60s. Since the Rolling Stones represent an important piece in the mosaic of pop music, many of their songs came to be included in the band’s repertoire. Like the Rolling Stones are not a typical tribute band. They seek to capture the primordial raw energy of rock’n’roll, especially of the early Stones. Moreover, the band and their idols share the same love for black blues, the roots to which the Stones returned with their last album. The Rolling Stones fans, especially of their early years, will definitely enjoy the show. The band members promise a concert with a touch of nostalgia.

The event is held inside the casino.
Only persons aged 18 or over who present a valid identity document are admitted.
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